We are now renting for the 2015-2016 academic year,
and for Summer 2015.
We have multiple locations to best suit your housing needs.

Call Brookside Acres Investments Now at 570.854.1317
or email us at cindyr@brooksideacres.org


Apartment Advantages:
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  • Utilities included with rent are: water, sewer, garbage
  • FREE Internet access
  • On-site building manager
  • Surveillance system throughout
  • All units have beds and dressers
  • Parking is through the Town of Bloomsburg

65 E. 5th St.

515 E. Fourth St.

104 East Main St
104 East Main St.

65 E. 5th St
65 E. 5th St.

515 E. Fourth St.
515-517 E. Fourth St.